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Part #: 9801
Notes: Battery
For WASPcam Part # 9905/9906/9907
Your Price: $19.99

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4 Pieces
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w/ Flex Rod
9917 $29.99 Notes Jaws Clamp
9920 $7.99 Notes Accessories Storage Bag

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Product Description

Universal Travel Charger
Part #9926
This universal travel adaptor easily converts to a European plug, United Kingdom plug, United States plug and Australian plug. The USB power port can be used to charge your mobile devices.

HDMI Cable
Part #9946
Connect camera to HDMI port on TV for instant playback.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Part #9957
Go the distance with durable Li-Ion battery from WASPcam. Each WASPcam sold includes a battery, but for those who are out there proving it more than others, you may need more juice. Expect 2 to 2.5 hours of video recording time from a full charge.

USB Charging Cable
Part #9958
Every WASPcam comes complete with a USB Cable to connect a WASPcam to a laptop or other device for importing and viewing files. The USB cable also connects with an included Wall Charger.

Wall Charger
Part #9959
Powering up a WASPcam is this Wall Charger unit, which connects to a USB cable and is included with every WASPcam purchased. May be purchased separately from any WASPcam retailer.

Battery Pack Holder (AA Batteries)
Part #9962
Alternatively to purchasing a second Lithium-ion battery, users may also opt for a WASPcam Battery Pack holder, which holds three ‘AA’ batteries. Every Battery Pack Holder includes a wider Waterproof Camera Casing Backdoor to accommodate ‘AA’ batteries and battery insert, which fits inside the backside of the camera-body. (Batteries and complete camera casing sold separately.)

Double-Capacity Lithium-ion Battery
Part #9963
Add more horsepower to your WASPcam action-sports camera with this “fatty” battery! Includes biggie-sized Lithium-ion battery and a larger Waterproof Camera Casing Backdoor to accommodate the larger battery.

Wireless Wrist Remote with LVD Charging Cable
Part #9996
This cable connects a Wireless Wrist Remote with LVD (9995) to a computer or wall charger to recharge the remote’s battery. Included with GIDEON camera package but may be purchased separately.

Three Sided Socket
Part #6104
This three way t-handle features three different socket sizes (8,9 and 10mm) and works great for installing and removing WASPcam mounting bolts.